Why Microgaming Is The Best Option For NLHE/PLO50 And Below (Incl. Numbers)

Hi all, in this video I show you why the Microgaming Network has the best conditions for you to play for the NLHE/PLO50 stakes or below. I will do that by providing numbers to give you an insight how your winrate is build up and how you can maximize it.

Facebook – Why Microgaming Is The Best Option

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I would recommend to start playing at a site where you don’t have an account yet and make use of the 30% instant rakeback by signing up through one of the links below without having to grind through the VIP-levels.

Microgaming Network sites:
(Make sure to clear cookies and restart the browser before using the link)
Betsafe: https://goo.gl/TRtBMp
NordicBet: https://goo.gl/kxFxQh
Betsson: https://goo.gl/EoEtQA

If you play higher stakes or aren’t sure whether your country is restricted to play at those sites, e-mail me directly at Tom@PokerEcosystem.com or fill in the form at the ‘Free Consultation’ section on the website.

If you haven’t signed up at the group yet make sure to do so and stay up to date!

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