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Welcome everyone to the  Poker Ecosystem website! I want the site to function as the platform to either give your poker career a head start or fuel the existing ones of more advanced players to become (even) more successful! To achieve this, I focus on directing players to play under their best conditions, using the best programs available on the market and by staying up to date in the ever-changing poker landscape.

A lot of players aren’t successful (yet) and become demotivated when these stretches hold on for a longer period of time. As a result, they start to put effort in the wrong area of their poker career and I have to admit that I have experienced this myself. I will help to optimize the ‘off-table’ conditions to improve your poker career and ensure that you are able to fully focus on the ‘on-table’ strategical aspect, thereby becoming a better player and start crushing the competition!

I perceive this business with 3 ‘layers’ of communication. The first layer is this Poker Ecosystem website that is a nice starting point where you can get free consultation and where I will share blogs that I consider to be valuable for a large group of poker players. This will be more or less one-way traffic. The second layer is the public Facebook group: Poker Ecosystem – The Dynamic Approach, where I already started off with a few months ago. In this community, I will share informative posts and as you will experience it’s a helpful platform for people to ask questions about all kinds of poker-related stuff where we can help each other out and where you can put me to work doing research to a specific topic as well. By staying up to date, we increase the likelihood of being able to maximally exploit the opportunities that are out there. That’s where ‘the dynamic approach’ refers to. This Facebook platform will therefore be functioning more in a Q&A-manner. The third layer is a Discord channel named ‘Poker Ecosystem’ that can be found via: https://discord.gg/9UaVxPM. Discord is a modern chat-program where you can meet fellow players from your country, discuss news, check relevant information regarding your stake-level, bitcoins or whatever else that comes to mind. Its open to anyone so feel free to join us!


My goal is to let this website become the base of your poker career. I want to create a solid ground that is valuable for both new and more experienced players. The free consultation section will help you to find the best site for you to play at, which is beneficial to all type of players. Next to that, I will create blog content that can be hot topics in the poker industry, for example what the options are for players from a specific country, how to use bitcoins to play poker, and so on. I am open for input as well, so if you think a certain subject is worth it to dig deeper into, make sure to contact me and I can do some more extensive research and will share it with the community.

Besides the free consultation and the blog content, there is a ‘resources’-section. These resources are selected in the best players’ interest. The tools that are added to this section have a significant positive influence to a lot of players already or can become in the future in my opinion. It might be that a certain tool is more valuable to a cash-game player than a tournament player for example, but this will always be pointed out in detail, to whom its (most) beneficial.

Combining the blog content, the free consultation and the valuable tools, I want to have all areas covered that are indirectly linked to playing poker. They are extremely important to have optimized in the current state of online poker though, and might even be essential to become (or stay) a successful poker player.

The Dynamic Approach

This approach refers to what I see as the mindset that is necessary to make maximum use of the opportunities that are popping up in the poker environment. The opposite of dynamic is static, and a static approach is what I’ve been using for at least a decade, playing the largest sites without considering other options. If you are being valued well as poker player this is not that problematic, but with recent shifts in the ecosystem I am sure a dynamic approach is a requirement to be successful, especially for mid- and lower stakes where rake plays a sensitive role.

A dynamic approach refers to be playing under the best circumstances at all times in an ever-changing environment. Playing with a decent rake structure combined with a favorable rakeback deal and by making maximum use of clearing welcome bonuses. Think about the sites that are willing to sign up new players and the premium (first-deposit bonuses) they are willing to pay for that. In a static approach, one would stick to the site after either clearing the bonus or reaching the expiration date. This is obviously the goal of the poker site, but definitely not maximizing the winrate of the player at all. That’s why I advocate a dynamic approach: clear bonus after bonus after bonus, play under the best conditions in your specific situation and exploit the opportunities in the market, instead of being exploited.

In the ‘free consultation’ section I help you find the best site to make sure you play under the best conditions possible, thereby optimizing the ‘off-table’ factors, so you are able to put time and effort in the strategical aspect, the elements directing influencing playing poker. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a clear understanding of the ecosystem on one hand and the strategical part of poker on the other hand. To become successful, you need to stay educated in both areas.







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