The True Value of Rake Races And Chases

At the end of every month I create a post about the promotions for the upcoming month. These promotions consist of rake races and chases. To summarize what’s of most interest to you let’s make this clear:

Rake Race – Interesting for mid-to high stakes players
Rake Chase – Extra valuable for low and mid-stakes players

When I’m talking to players I notice that not everyone is aware what a rake race and chase means, so let me explain that first. A rake race is a ‘race’ where players compete with others for pre-established prize money. Here is an example of such a race: the $10.000 October-battle. You’ll see that the first prize is $1750, second $1200 and the third place finisher earns himself $900. This is all based on the amount of rake one pays. Because the amount of rake determines what place you’ll finish, someone playing low-stakes will never be able to win a rake race. That’s why I stress it’s mainly interesting for mid-to high stakes players because they have the best chance of getting into the money since they pay more rake on average, playing higher stakes.

For lower-stakes players the rake chase is a nice feature for extra money to be added to their winrates. The main reason is because they aren’t battling other players but earn a cash reward that corresponds with the amount paid in rake. In the rankings you only see the amount of loyalty points raked by players. The corresponding payouts for this particular rake chase can be found here (bottom-left).  You receive 10 loyalty points when you’ve raked $1 (€0.88 approximately), so you’ll receive €5 extra when paying €44/ in rake (11.4% value) and when raking €880 in a month you’ll receive €120 extra cash (13.6% value).

Player Stories

Recently I was talking to a player that is trying to reach the Diamond Club at Partypoker. You’ll earn that status when raking over $100.000 in a year. This high-roller told me he pays around $15.000 in rake per month. He’ll get 40% back directly and when reaching the Diamond Club status even 50%! I explained how valuable a rake race must be for him, since only a handful players will be able to rake that amount. If we look at the $10.000 Partypoker (and others) race this player should be able to reach at least the 6th position ($1 in rake = 2 points) by raking over $15k a month. The 6th position pays $500, so this could be a $6.000-extra-cash- per-year-reason to become part of this rake race! No need to play more whatsoever, just benefiting maximally of what is being offered in the market.

Another player signed up at Unibet via me, becoming automatically part of the $30.000 Unibet rake race. After the first month ended he was happy to tell me $125 was paid directly into his account. This race actually offers a ton of value and if you’re playing PLO25 or PLO50 you’re benefiting the most from a favorable rake structure on one hand and this particular rake race on the other hand. By playing higher stakes the rake structures become less favorable for both NLHE and PLO (6%, €3 cap) but you can obviously earn a lot more on the rake race.

A player at Betsson, which is part of the Microgaming Network, benefits from the rake chase (bottom-left) that is offered. To earn the €260 prize (20.000 loyalty points) he needs to rake approximately €1680 in a month. He’s mostly splitting his action between NLHE50 and 100, and after diving deeper into his numbers together, we found that he needs around either 70 hours 6-tabling NLHE50 or 60 hours of 4-tabling NLHE100 in general to rake this amount. This might seem a lot for ‘just’ €260 but again, you don’t have to play more or so, it’s adding up while you’re playing! Additionally, when plugging these numbers in the Ecosystem Earnings Estimator you’ll earn €840 assuming you’re a 5bb/100 winner playing 6 tables at NLHE50 for 70 hours. This means that your net earnings are increased by 30%+!


My hope is that this post creates awareness under players what value rake races and chases actually offer. My personal goal as an affiliate is to create this awareness and help players getting the maximum value of what’s out there in the market! I’ve been blind myself the last 15 years regarding these extra side benefits so to speak and it was also less of an issue since the larger sites took much better care of their players. These days games are becoming a lot tougher and to increase chances of players being successful I see it as my duty to inform you guys what’s being offered that are additions to your winrate.

Keep an eye on the next promotion post for November on Facebook and check where you’re able to benefit extra from. Is it a rake race or are you playing somewhat lower stakes and/or less volume, then a rake chase might be best. If you have an existing account already on a site where I offer rake races/chases for, I can try a retag to make sure you become eligible to join. Are you doubting what’s best in your specific situation hit me up on Facebook Messenger, on Skype: mooileve or send me an e-mail to and we can have a chat to figure out what’s optimal. Thank you!

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