Support Of Database And HUD Use By Pokersites

To all players who wonder on which poker sites you are able to use your Holdem Manager 2 (HM2) or Poker Tracker 4 (PT4) database and HUD, the following table can be helpful! I recently got a lot of questions about this topic so I decided to dive into it and split per poker network whether it’s fully supported by the sites or what might be needed to make it work as I hear some players definitely don’t want to play without a HUD 😉

If you don’t use HM2 or PT4 yet and would like to check it out, there are 30-day free trials on the products and I’d recommend to give both a try to figure out which program suits you best!


Downgraded versions for the Microgaming Network:

If you’d interested to sign up at one of these sites or want more information please click the ‘Poker Rooms’ section above.

Any questions or additions to the table feel free to get in touch via Facebook Messenger or send an e-mail:

Thank you & good luck!

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