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Let’s go! I’m glad you found this website so you can benefit maximally from the opportunities that are out there. I will help you to figure out what’s in your best interest to have a greater chance of becoming (even more) successfull in online poker! In the meanwhile, why not join the community on Facebook, the public group ‘Poker Ecosystem‘ to join fellow poker players from around the world.  

Below I’ve pointed out some great promotions and popular options if you’re playing from the United States. In the ‘Poker Rooms‘ section you can find a more detailed breakdown of other poker sites as well and you can compare them in terms of traffic, competition level and a few other parameters that I think you value highest. If you want to receive a personalized advice because you are looking for alternative options or have specific personal preferences, feel free to fill in the form via the ‘Ask Tom‘ tab.

In the ‘Pro Tools‘ section you can find what I consider to be the most valuable tools playing online poker. Hold’em Manager and PokerTracker, the most popular databases used by the majority of poker players, and e-Wallet Optimizer, to gain maximally when choosing your online wallet by receiving cashback and due to reduced fees.

At the ‘Blogs‘ section you can find valuable content that I created and is categorized by blogposts, informative Facebook posts, promotions, site reviews and video’s that you can see at Facebook by clicking the link. When I think its beneficial to write something that is valuable to players, a more in-depth review about a specific site or network, a new promotion or to analyze a specific rake structure I will post it in this section.

The Microgaming Network

The network with the best conditions for NLHE/PLO50 or lower stakes! Sign up via one of the links where you don’t have an account yet to clear a welcome bonus and let me know your table nickname via or via a PM at Facebook Messenger to receive a 30% flat lifetime rakeback deal by setting your status to elite! Next to that, you will receive a welcome bonus clearing at a 20% rate plus I offer a rake chase (see: promotions, bottom-left) where you can earn additional money. All in all, by far the best conditions that are offered in the industry currently!
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Popular Options For US-Residents
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Popular Options For Australian-Residents
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More info on reliable options playing from the United States:

If you’re looking to join the Asian-app based sites Pokermaster or PP Poker please send me a message on Facebook Messenger or send an e-mail to, thank you!

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