Tactical Tip – Play In The Softest Games: Plo-Tournaments

Hey everyone! Your first thought is probably: what kind of tip is that? The softest games, of course! I’m better than my opponents at the stake I’m currently playing! But I think it goes much deeper these days.

Trying to find the largest edge means moving away from the most convenient poker sites with traffic 24/7, become a specialist at a relative new format, come up with new strategies like shortstacking, play under the best side conditions etc. Many more ways to think of optimizing your edge! 💪

I’ve been tactically blind for years and chose to play the most convenient site where you could just login and sit tables instantly. Nowadays I’m pushing myself to think at a deeper evel to create the largest edge and reach my poker goals (faster). Finding the softest games is a very important tactical decision for me these days.

In this post I’ve added one of the softest formats that is currently being played, namely pot-limit omaha tournaments. If you’re struggling at the micro- or low stakes it’s a great way to accelerate your bankroll and speed your way up!

The minimum stakes in the file have a buy-in of at least $/€10. It contains PLO tournaments from all the regular sites. If you find any tournaments that are not offered anymore or new ones not included yet, please let me know so we keep the file up to date.

In case you have any questions you know where to find me plus the contact details are in the file as well. If you want to join a new site to play their tournaments make sure to get in touch, I might be able to give you some extra value.

Hope this is useful for you! Good luck kickstarting 2019, let’s go!! 😎💪

Download PDF here: PLO-MTT Schedule

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