Site Review: The Chico Network

Hi guys! The Chico Network might be a very attractive option for players that experience country restrictions by a lot of other sites! The network consists of three large sites namely BetOnline, Tigergaming and It’s #14 in terms of traffic based on The specific restricted countries can be found at the end of this post.

Competition Level

There is no rakeback deal or tiered VIP-system available when the welcome bonus expires which seems unfavorable at first sight. What you must think about though, is that a lot of pro’s and hardcore grinders fare well by receiving rakeback and as a result rather stay away from sites that don’t offer any rakeback. This is the reason why the level of competition at the Chico Network is a lot softer compared to other sites.

Dynamic Approach

All bonuses expire in 60 days. They offer the largest first-deposit bonus in the industry, 100% up to $2500. It clears at a 33% rate, which is very good compared to other clearance rates. This welcome bonus can therefore be treated as rakeback. By executing a dynamic approach (!) you should switch to a different skin to clear another bonus after the first bonus has expired, and after 60 days do the same thing again. In this way you can play at the Chico Network for a half year and earn 33% ‘rakeback’ plus with the soft competition, you benefit maximally at both sides.


You can use both Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker at the Chico Network and there is a compatible HUD available now that works for cash-games! More info can be found here: The difference with the demo version and the full version is that in the demo version all player’s nicknames are anonymized in the converted hands. If you like to buy this make sure to use the code ‘TomHUD’ to receive a $5 discount.

(delete cookies and restart browser before using the link) BetOnline: Tigergaming:

Restricted Countries BetOnline & Panama, Malta, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Macedonia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Serbia, Montenegro & Ukraine.

Tigergaming: United States, France and its territories, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Panama, South Africa and Slovenia.

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