PP Poker Runner – Play Up to 9 Tables Without Emulator

Hey guys! I know a lot of players experience annoying problems with PP Poker some times and this tool might be helpful to get rid of them! Normally you can play only 3 tables at once on a single device and by using an emulator up to 5. Both constraints are countered by PP Poker Runner and allows you to play up to 9 tables without the need of an emulator!

This can be interesting when:

1. You logged in with other accounts and your playing accounts get the “Your device has reached the max number of accounts allowed” message

2. When the emulator is taking a lot of CPU from your PC

3. If you want to play 6 or more tables on one device

PP Poker Runner offers a 3-day free trial to find out if you think it’s worth it. Use the code ‘ecosystem’ for a 10% discount and you can purchase PP Poker Runner for $27 a month through the link below. Payment options are Paypal and Skrill. For more information please check:


If you have any questions about which emulator to use please send me a personal message via:

Skype: mooileve
Telegram: @TomSmeets
Facebook Messenger
E-mail: Tom@PokerEcosystem.com

Thank you!

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