Asian-App Based Sites: PP Poker And Pokermaster

Chances are that you’ve been hearing about PP Poker or Pokermaster last year! I’m talking to quite some people here in the Ecosystem community and I see more and more players moving into that direction. In Asian countries it’s very popular yet for a longer time, also due to the fact that they experience quite some country restrictions on regular sites. The games that are running at these apps are likely among the softest games in the world at the moment. Stakes vary between $0,30-$0,60 and $30-$60 blinds or even above.

PP Poker and Pokermaster are both mobile poker apps that can be downloaded in the app stores for IOS and Android, and can be played via phone and tablet. For Pokermaster an emulator is available so you are able to play on your desktop as well. PP Poker even has a downloadable version for Windows. For each account that you create you’ll be able to play 1 table. Therefore, to play more than 1 table you need to setup multiple accounts.

I can imagine that players out there have trustability issues when they consider to join sites like these. It works with an agent-based system, so all players need to find a (trustworthy) agent in order to join and get their accounts funded in the clubs. This can be a reason not to join these sites after all. To overcome this, I’m happy to inform you that your funds will be guaranteed for both Pokermaster and PP Poker if you sign up via me. Next to that, if you send me a private message that you’re interested in more info on one of the two I can get you a test accounts for both sites. In this way you can check the action and get a feel for the rooms and their software!

Please contact me via Facebook Messenger or by e-mail at: to get more information or in case you have any further questions! 


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