Pokermaster ‘Table-Ninja’ Assistance Software

A very interesting product for Pokermaster players is Poker Minion, poker software that has multiple awesome features! To name the most important ones:
-Table Management to easily position and size tables
-Seating script for HU games (HU King)
-Automatic process of applying to join clubs
-Automatically boost the VPIP and PFR stats across multiple accounts simultaneously
-Datamining (gather data 24/7 by automatically opening and closing tables based on your filters)
Poker Minion contains a lot more features to optimize your gameplay but these are the most popular ones and not without reason! 💪
Costs are dependent on the ‘basic’ or ‘pro’ version. The advantage of the pro version are both the automated process of applying to clubs and the datamining features that aren’t accessible in the basic version. Furthermore, the basic version is only available up to 5/10 straddle CNY stakes (approx. $0.75-$1.50).
1-month subscription: basic $40 – pro $80
3-month subscription: basic $90 – pro $180
But, most importantly, there is a 1-week free trial to check whether you like the software! The creator of Poker Minion is Mike Brooks aka MeleaB (his poker resume most players can only dream of 😍: If you have any questions please post in the comments and we’ll help you out. If you’d like to subscribe to Poker Minion please let Mike know you come via the “one-and-only” Poker Ecosystem! 😎Thanks in advance!
I hope this will help the true Pokermaster grinders and if you’re looking for a safe setup to join Pokermaster at all please send me a message via Facebook Messenger, Skype: mooileve or send an e-mail to Thank you!
Poker Minion:
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