Mental Game Coach Elliot Roe And His “Six-Levers Of Poker Profits”

Hey guys, hope you all had a great weekend! Last week I’ve been receiving e-mails from Elliot Roe to promote his new training course and I think this introduction information can be valuable to a lot of players already, that’s why I like to share it here. 💪

He points out that the ”system” of your poker profits is build up by the following six levers:

1. Skill – Your absolute knowledge of the game.
2. Efficiency – The percentage of time you apply the full extent of your skill to a hand
3. Edge – The gap in skill between you and your opponents
4. Volume – How often you apply your poker skills for real money
5. Stakes – The size of the games you play
6. Rake – The fee you are charged by the house to play

He goes deeper into detail about each lever and explains how some levers interact with each other. Additionally, he created a list of “bottleneck profiles” that he sees repeatedly with the players he worked with:

• All Heart, False Start • The Perfectionist • The Gladiator • The Delusional Gladiator • The Extreme Game Selector • The Bankroll Nit • The Glass Cannon • The A-Game Player

The A-game player is what we all should be willing to become and that’s where his new training comes in. He’s starting out now with a pilot group and will go public after. At that point I’ll inform you guys how to join and further information for the ones interested. I hope some of you might get something out of this already! Good luck, check out the PDF that is added. Thank you!

Download PDF File here: Elliot Roe Content

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