How To Benefit Maximally From A First-Deposit Bonus

Hey! If you ever joined a poker site and wondered why you didn’t clear the whole bonus that was promised on their website you’re reading the right article! I will explain here how a first-deposit bonus is build up and even more important, in what way players can get the most benefit out of these bonuses!

Essentially, each welcome bonus has 3 different components:
-Release Period
-Payout Parts
-Clearance Rate

The release period is the amount of time a player has to clear the bonus. The lenght of clearance periods vary between 30 and 180 days, with 60 days as industry-average.

By payout parts I mean the fractions of the first-deposit bonus that will be released. At poker sites this is mostly referred to as: “For every $50 paid in rake, $10 will be credited to your account..” or something along those lines. If you check out a welcome bonus you will see a phrase like this within the terms.

The clearance rate is the most important factor and often overlooked by poker players. The clearance rate is the % of how much bonus money is released for the amount you have paid in rake. In the example above where $10 is released for every $50 paid in rake the clearance rate of the bonus is 10/50 = 20%. This clearance rate varies generally between 10 and 20%.

There are 3 different forms of welcome bonuses:

-100% match up to …

The most common first-deposit bonus offered is the 100% match bonus, meaning the site will match the amount you deposit up to an X amount, like $500 in the example but at plenty of sites up to $1000.

-200% match up to …

Some sites offer the 200% match up to for example $1000 bonus, which holds that you only have to deposit $500 to be able to clear the full $1000 bonus.

-Choice of bonus

This is the most tricky first-deposit bonus because players tend to choose for the largest number (guilty), like €2000 in the example, in order not to miss out on extra bonus money. Ironic enough, the opposite is true most of the time. What the pitfalls are and in which way you benefit the most coming up next!

Sounds fun, but how do I benefit maximally?!
With regard to the 100% match bonuses you want to make sure you deposit enough to be able to fully clear the bonus. The higher stakes you play, the easier you will clear (large parts of) the bonus and the more bankroll you need, so naturally you’re likely to deposit the right amount to maximize the benefits.

The same holds for the 200% match bonuses. By depositing $500 you would be able to clear the whole $1000 bonus. A clearance rate of 20% is not uncommon so you will have to rake $5000 to clear the full $1000 bonus. Note that this $5000 in rake has to be achieved within the given release time of the bonus. Therefore, a clearance period of 60 days would lead to $2500 in monthly rake and 90 days in slightly over $1650 a month, so you should take the length into account as well in order to clear the complete welcome bonus.

Whenever a poker site offers you to pick a first-deposit bonus with different match amounts and payout fractions, thís should be your thought process to benefit maximally. First, estimate how much you will rake given the clearance period. Dependent on the volume and stakes you play you will get to a number. The clearance rate of the welcome bonus tells you which part of the number you came up with is paid out in bonus money. So let’s say you estimated that you will likely rake $2000 in the 60 days clearance period, if the clearance rate is 20% this means $400 will be earned in bonus money over this period.

The tricky part lies in the payout fractions. Let’s say a $1000 bonus will be paid out in 2 parts, $500 each and another $500 bonus you are allowed to pick is releasing in 5 parts of $100. Given the above calculations of being able to clear $400 in bonus, it would be a HUGE mistake to pick the $1000 bonus because you will earn $0 bonus since the threshold for the first $500 part is never reached, whereas picking the $500 bonus would add $400 bonus to your bankroll. It works the other way round as well. If the above number estimated would be $700 you would earn $500 choosing either bonus, and if the number for estimated rake paid would be $1200 you would earn $1000 in bonus money choosing the first, and $500 choosing the second bonus.

Note that most of the time players don’t want to miss out and choose for the largest bonus. It’s where poker sites speculate on and I hope this gives you a valuable insight how much value there is to win (but also to lose making the wrong choice)! 

These one-time opportunities can be a reason to check out new pokersites and get extra money added to your winrate nicely. As a poker player you need to adjust to the ever-changing circumstances in the market and I recommend to approach it in a dynamic way.

If you have any questions regarding welcome bonuses, their clearance rates or when you need help estimating the rake paid in a given period, as always PM me via Facebook Messenger or send an e-mail to! Hope this article helps a ton of players making their best choice!

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