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The idea to create such a tool had its origin when I was part of a mental game course. Logging too many hours and burn out after a while or procrastinate and play too little are mental game issues that a lot of players cope with. A shortcut to the conclusion is to find your ‘sweet spot’ in terms of volume that you can keep up for months.

Playing around with numbers to find my own optimal volume, I found myself underestimating the hours I had to put in given the number of tables I played at my stake to get a specific amount of winnings. Of course, when you win 10bb / 100 hands you earn twice as much then 5bb /100 but if you play around with these numbers you get a better feel of what you can expect as outcome, or at least set an interval in which your earnings are likely going to be. In this way you are better able to create a strategic plan how to reach the monetary goals you set for yourself, for example: play more hours during a month, add that extra table with the same level of focus or moving up in stakes.

Check out the Earnings Estimator here:…/ecosystem-earnings-estima…/

The Estimator above calculates your earnings, given the numbers of hours and hands per hour played, plus an expected winrate. This can be helpful to set your goals for the upcoming week, month or year and gives you a better idea of what to expect on the income side.

I think that the Estimator below can be helpful for live players as well as for online players as more and more sites are not supporting databases any longer. Here you can essentially reverse engineer your winrate, given that you won a certain amount playing a specific number of hours in total combined with the hands an hour. For playing a table live 30 hands an hour is a good approximation.

We hope this is a helpful tool for many poker players around the globe, enjoy using it and if you’d like to share any feedback, go ahead! 💪😎

Thank you.

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