Black Chip Poker & Americas Cardroom – 27% Flat or Elite Benefits?

Here is a comparison of the 27% flat rakeback deal with the Elite Benefits program for Black Chip Poker (BCP) and Americas Cardroom (ACR) whose terminology will be in brackets because they basically run the similar rakeback program.

Countries that are restricted from playing at both BCP and ACR: Sweden, Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Mayotte, Réunion, Martinique, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey and the States: Louisiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada or Washington State.

If you’re not interested in the analysis, please scroll down to the conclusion directly to see what program suits you best.

(Military Ranks in Americas Cardroom)

Research Question: ‘When is the Elite Benefits program becoming more valuable to players than the 27% flat rakeback deal?’

General information:
Cash games: $1 in rake = 5.5 Benefit Points (Rank Points)
Tournaments: $1 in fee = 5.5 Benefit Points (Rank Points)

Player Points (Combat Points) can be redeemed for cash
Player Level determines Benefit Points (Rank Points)-multiplier

I have been doing calculations but it comes all down to be able to reach the 250.000 PPs that can be converted in $4.000 cash and to clear the whole $1.200 in achievement rewards where 100.000 BPs are needed for. When you reach the ‘Veteran’ level you earn at a 2.5 rate so 100k BPs are equal to 250k PPs then.

Legendary bonuses are achieved from 200.000 Benefit Points onwards so it’s not important to incorporate in this research question because the Elite Benefits program is outperforming the 27% flat deal sooner than 200k BPs.

100.000 BPs ($18.182 in rake) = $1200+$4000 = $5200 whereas 27% flat results in $4909 rakeback.

A bit more than $18.182 in rake is needed yearly because the steps to the ‘Veteran’-level go at a slower pace that needs to be compensated. So, let’s assume you rake more than $1.600 per month, which equals $19.200 a year.

You NEED to hit the 250.000 Player Points (Combat Points) mark being able to convert the $4000 and reach 100.000 Benefit Points (Rank Points) to earn all the achievement rewards that add up to $1200. Raking $19.200 in a year equals $5.184 in rewards on a 27% flat basis, and $5.200 is awarded in the Elite Benefits program after reaching the two milestones as explained above. This can be seen as the crossing point where the Elite Benefits program is starting to outperform the 27% flat rakeback deal significantly.

Note that when you don’t reach the Benefit Points (Rank Points) required for a certain level in a month, you’re losing your status. This will decrease the pace of earning points some more.


When you rake more than $1.600 per month and play regularly the Elite Benefits program is more valuable to you than the 27% flat rakeback deal. Your goal when choosing for the Elite Benefits program should be to reach the 100.000 Benefit Points (Rank Points) AND the 250.000 Player Points (Combat Points) milestones within a year.

If you are playing on a Mac, choose for Americas Cardroom because it’s not supported by Black Chip Poker.

You can change the program within a skin only once. The skins work independently though. Consider what’s in your best interest but if you feel like you want to change the program a second time you can join the other site as well. It’s also possible to have a Black Chip Poker account with the 27% flat rakeback deal and an Americas Cardroom Elite Benefits account at the same time.

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27% Flat:
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