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January Rake Races And Chases

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s rock & roll in 2019!! As I mentioned I will focus more on the tactical decisions players make so I recommend to check out the upcoming rake races and chases for January 2019 here that can improve your winrate: I want to emphasize the new $20k rake race for Betfair …

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Mental Game Coach Elliot Roe And His “Six-Levers Of Poker Profits”

Hey guys, hope you all had a great weekend! Last week I’ve been receiving e-mails from Elliot Roe to promote his new training course and I think this introduction information can be valuable to a lot of players already, that’s why I like to share it here. 💪 He points out that the ”system” of your …

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Pokermaster ‘Table-Ninja’ Assistance Software

A very interesting product for Pokermaster players is Poker Minion, poker software that has multiple awesome features! To name the most important ones:   -Table Management to easily position and size tables -Seating script for HU games (HU King) -Hotkeys -Automatic process of applying to join clubs -Automatically boost the VPIP and PFR stats across …

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Trap Of The Rake Cap

A few days ago I posted a comparison between Pokerstars and Betsafe (part of the Microgaming Network) in the Poker Ecosystem Facebook group. It shows the rake structures used by these poker sites, the rakeback percentage as well as potential first-deposit/reload bonuses, to show you the influence of these important factors on your winrate. A lot …

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Online Poker Tournament Series Coming Up

For all your tournament beasts out there, there are great tournament series on the way! I’ve summarized them here below. The Unibet Series will start off today and is a nice starter before the WCOOP and the POWERFEST kick off at September 2! What: €350.000 Unibet Online Series 2018 When: August 27- September 10 Info: …

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